GPS-based Location Tracking System via Android Device

Md Palash Uddin, Md. Zahidul Islam, Md. Nadim, Masud Ibn Afjal


With recent technological advancement of modern science people are now expecting the information about the location of any object for tracking purposes. Presently, we want more location based services for being advanced and to save time and money also. GPS is a system which is already implemented and everyone can access it without any restriction. Having the facility of GPS to develop this system we need a GPS device to calculate the location from the information taken from GPS. Hence, we have chosen Android device to perform this calculations because Android mobile phone is cost effective and offers multidimensional purposes having some special built-in features like GPS service. Thus, this system is developed for location tracking of a group of people with a proximity alert system using various latest demanding tools and technology like Jason, Java, AVD, LAMP etc.

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