Comparative Analysis of Object Oriented Database and Relational database

Sarita K Tiwari, Prof. Nitin R. Chopde


These The Object Oriented Database is best characterized as a transformational process, mapping declarative descriptions of objects and classes to implementation plans. The database store data together with the appropriate methods for accessing it. In this paper we try to combine both terms in one entity which called as Object-oriented Database. Object-oriented databases can reduce the need for paging by enabling only the currently required objects to be loaded into memory. This paper describes the attempts of database technology to address the requirements of integrating increasing numbers of information resources, leading up to today's heterogeneous distributed and object-oriented database technologies. It describes applications of object-oriented database technology in integrating these resources, including the integration of heterogeneous (and distributed) system components, and heterogeneous data and knowledge representations. The paper also describes a further extension of object-oriented database technology, which we call distributed object management technology that focuses on the need to integrate data and knowledge processing, as well as the data and knowledge itself.

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