• International Journal of Research in Computer Engineering and Electronics

    International Journal of Research in Computer Engineering & Electronics


    In recent years, advances in computing , information technologies and electronics have radically expanded the data available to researchers and professionals in a wide variety of domains, from government and biotechnology, to business logistics. This unique combination of theory with data has the potential to have broad impact on educational research and practice.IJRCEE will publish high-quality, peer-reviewed papers covering topics such as creating processes or methodologies to analyse data, integrating data with pedagogical theories, assessing knowledge and understanding when learning occurs. The editorial board of IJRCEE is composed of members of the Teachers & Researchers community who have expertise in a variety of disciplines, including Computer Science, Cognitive Science, Education, Educational Psychology, the Learning Sciences, Psychometrics, Artificial Intelligence , Electronics. In order to best serve our community, this journal is entirely online and subscription-free. Because of the rapid advances in underlying technologies and the interdisciplinary nature of the field, we believe it is important to provide quality research articles promptly and to the widest possible audience.We hope you will enjoy this issue of the International Journal of Research in Computer Engineering and electronics. We are looking forward to hearing your feedback and receiving your contributions.